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Dec 28 2012, 07:07 AM
"She's very attractive, isn't she?" - E.J. on Abby You know she is. Get in there, E.J.!

Loved Nicole's response to volunteering on New Year's Eve. "Are you crazy?" That's our martini swilling Nicole. I like Nicole as a reluctant do-gooder, but it's great to see the edge come out.

And well done, Rafe! Rock that self-respect. "I feel that I have earned the right not to be in a competition for you. Especially not with him." Damn right, Rafe. You just keep on keepin' on.

LOVED E.J. pointing out to Chad that he can be angry with him, angry with Gabi and whomever else but the real person he's angry at is himself because he's the one who's ultimately responsible for Melanie leaving. Chad has needed to hear that for a LONG time. (And as usual, E.J. is fantastic at dispensing advice to others but somehow completely unable to see the writing on the wall in his own life with Sami.)

The build-up to Dannifer is as excruciating as ever.

Happy for some Rafe-Nicole interaction. What can I say? They have chemistry.
Didn't Ej have a similiar convo with Chad about Sami and him when Chelanie got engaged- that Chad and Mel weren't the only ones who would be planning a future together. He was pretty sure that he and Sami would be too. Didn't work last time and no doubt it won't work this time either at least for the long haul.
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