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In the Jan. 7th issue of Soap Opera Digest it features an article entitled "Johnny Comes Clean on GH."

Johnny as Connie’s hostage finally comes to an end when he confesses to Starr that it was he, not Connie that blew out Anthony’s tires and caused the death of her daughter and boyfriend.

Starts by saying: Connie speeding away with Johnny in the trunk of her car swerves to avoid a stranded Ellie and end up crashing into a rock. Connie scared, flees the crash, and leaves Johnny in the trunk. She is not aware there was a second car which Trey and Kristina was passengers. Connie slips and is left dangling from a cliff screaming for help. Meanwhile, Starr and Michael discover Connie’s car and wonder where she went. They find Johnny in the trunk and free him. Starr then hears screaming and realizes its Connie. Starr kneeling down over Connie’s dangling body asks her why she should help her. It may be better for everyone if she slipped and died. The moment of truth comes when Johnny finds them and sees that Connie is about to die. He tells Starr that Connie did not cause Hope and Cole’s deaths and admits it was him. Johnny ultimately helps Connie up over the ledge and pow and Starr smacks him and it’s on!

By week’s end Ellie’s fate is considered and that of another young PC resident whom the crash may prove deadly.

For more details pick up the latest Digest.
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