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Viewing Single Post From: Thursday, December 27th Daily Discussion

The only part of the show I liked was when Rafe called out Sami. Racole was so funny and playful. :teehee: I notice she keeps telling Rafe she wants him to be happy. Hmmm, where are they going with that? I love to see more of these two on screen than dannifer. Dannifer is boring but Racole is so much more interesting to watch. I used to be a Safe fan but flip flopping between these men is ridiculous. Sami gets mad at one she runs to the other. This has gotten very old to me! Don't care to see Sami with Rafe again. :eyeroll: If they don't hook up Racole I would love for them to hook him up with someone else. Possibly someone new! If Rafe ever fall in love with someone else, Sami wouldn't have a chance to say she wants him back!
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