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Dec 28 2012, 10:58 AM
There romance is kicking into high gear and Daniel wonders if she will spend the night with him. "Jack died in August and Daniel is aware that she has needed time to grieve his death," says Shawn Christian. But, they are in "amazing place" right now and he senses that Jennifer is opening up and maybe ready for that next step.

Proof once again, that Daniel only really cares for one person - himself. If he really gave a damn about Jennifer he would not even think about asking her to spend the night with him. He would wait until she's ready. Not push sex on her when he's ready for it. Fucking douche bag.

Daniel also meets with Eric and they realize they share a mutual friend in Nicole. Daniel likes that Nicole is in good hands with Eric and it allows him to move forward with Jennifer.

So Eric is at the party at HS? I wonder if he doesn't see Nicole kiss EJ? Would explain why he refuses to confide in Nicole later.
Dannifer and the never ending crap storyline continues, 6 months of greiving I never saw six minutes of grieving. Ho Ho is just a stalker in heat after a douche that uses women, guess she just wants her turn in his bed for awhile til the next patient comes along.

As for the Nicole part he's glad Nicole is in good hands, excuse me but first of all Nicole is a grown woman who doesn't need to be in anyone's hands. Daniel leave her alone you've done enough damage to her, what's the matter is your human wreckage train getting to you now. Also I wouldn't characterize yourself as a Friend of Nicole's, you used her til Ho Ho was free to screw. :x
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