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Dec 28 2012, 12:25 PM
Dec 28 2012, 09:57 AM
I guess Jen will tell Daniel "she's not ready, it's too soon" blah blah, only to have the gorgeous temptress Chloe come-a-knocking on Daniel's door and with an added bonus, HIS son. But Daniel will prove he's her guy by not giving into the sexiest woman on the planet (and one he was once madly in love with), who is now the mother of his child. If that doesn't show how devoted he is to Jen-Jen, nothing will. :sarcasm:

I really hate that the writers are rushing this paternity reveal. Philip should have been brought back as well and this should have played out over a year. Of course, the main focus should not have been Dannifer but that's what we're sadly stuck with.
Anyone else starting to wonder if both Jennifer and Chloe get thrown under the bus this time? Because just as I can foresee Chloe doing stupid, degrading things to get Daniel, I can foresee Jennifer doing stupid, degrading things to keep him. Like injuring herself on purpose to ensure that his attention remains fixed on her rather than on the voluptuous ex-wife squatting in his apartment. She'll be needy and insecure, Chloe will be scheming and calculating, and Daniel will be alternately sullen and clueless, which are about the only emotions SC can portray convincingly. And viewers who can't stand either pairing or any of the characters will be bored and disgusted.
I don't know what's going on with Jennifer and all these health issues but yes, I can see your scenario playing out. But with that, Daniel will keep reiterating to the insecure Jen Jen that she has nothing to worry about. Someone on this board made a good point in that they are doing almost the exact same story but with Chloe being the Carly (although at the time, Carly didn't want Daniel, that came later, along with her drug addiction when she couldn't get Daniel) and Jennifer now being the Chloe. Too bad there isn't an old love of Jen Jen's in the picture to knock her up when she's drunk after the poor thing hears news of Danloe being in a motel together.
Oh wait....... :soapbox:
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