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Dec 28 2012, 01:08 PM
Dec 28 2012, 12:33 PM
Actually, I'm surprised that Daniel and Jennifer didn't jump into bed together before Christmas. They're adults. And once again, both are unattached and unfettered. So what the heck are they waiting for? While I could imagine that Jennifer is in denial about her emotional state and she may not realize sh isn't emotionally ready, what we're being shown is that she's been giving all the signs that she's ready for a long time now. She's only given lip service to mourning Jack. And as for Daniel, he's never shown any indication of being concerned about such niceties. After all, he seduced a woman away from her husband while the guy was still alive. Why should he care about a man who's already dead?

Really, the only thing that might legitimately be standing in their way is her surgery. Although he hasn't mentioned it, Daniel should at least be concerned about Jennifer's health. Even if Jennifer weren't a widow, I would think he would at least be concerned about waiting for her surgery wound to heal before thinking about sex. (!)

These two were the same ones who slept together after only a couple of dates and pretty much the day after their rushed divorces to the so-called loves of their lives were final. So why stand upon ceremony now? It's fake. And it's way late in the game to be putting on this artificial display.

Everything about Dannifer is a so-called slow burn now (or they want us to think it is).
TPTB are laying it on so thick, with all of this pimping by almost every single character, misunderstandings regarding dating one another, cute little dates complete with flowers, and flashbacks. This article accelerates their junior-high relationship and lets us know that Daniel is ready for sex. Why? So we know how much he loves Jen Jen when he is able to resist Chloe. It's so freakin contrived.
Either that, or Jen-Jen will drive Daniel into Chloe's arms through her own insecurities and neediness. I can see that scenario happening too. Sadly, I don't think either woman is going to emerge unscathed. Daniel is T&W's golden boy, so nothing can ever be his fault. :rolleyes:
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