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Vincent Irrizary is the person that I have missed the most from AMC. I miss David so much! Towards the end VI was driving the stories and they were really great. His acting is flawless and David can be such a dick, but still awesome. I was reallllly hoping that if General Hospital was ever going to inherit any AMC characters that David would be the first. His history with Anna and back-from-the-dead characters fits in perfectly to where General Hospital is and will continue to head.

With that said, it seems like GH was never going to bring David Hayward in anyway, so this is GREAT news. This should have been the first person that contacted as far as storylines go. You know Susan Lucci had to be the first person as far as, "We need this person because she is AMC." I'm getting excited now because the hope of seeing VI acting his ass off again is right there...still tons of obstacles to go through, but at least they are trying for the correct people. LOVE David and Cara.
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