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Dec 28 2012, 06:04 PM
ok is it just me or are they writing jennifer just insanely immature and stupid. a few weeks ago she was not a bit nervous as she was stalking daniel to the cabin among other places all in order to get him from nicole or anyone else and into her...so she gets hin after he saves her life again...now shes nervous?? i think its just stupid to have her play this school girl sick crush on daniel type when chloe is heading home a more mature and less insane chloe . and i really wish sami picks ej and rafe chooses nicole they were good together when he was covering for her being pregnant in fact she had said she could go for him so why not go for him leave ej and sami together cus ya know thats where this is going. and as far as will and gabi goes..he needs to tell sonny so justin can make it so he can see his kid gabi isnt being fair to him when he could have and still should tell someone the truth

I feel like Tomlin's writing her as if she's a teenager. Seriously, I thought that the other day. I don't find it cute or appealing that Jennifer, a forty year old woman, is giggly and immature. I mean, I seriously roll my eyes anytime she gets that cold glint and starts in on some childish "im right. i'm pure and innocent. I'M A HORTON so I'm always perfect".

Man, I JUST commented how I miss the real Sami. Man, I miss Jennifer even more! Sigh. Tomlin is a hack. So was Higley. I guess one of them had a few good moments last time. What's that they say "every dog has it's day"?

Oh, not to mention, in relation to Daniel, the complete nag Maggie has become. I don't even recognize her! This woman used to be bubbly and smiling and now she's bitter, frowns, judges, is hypocritical and downright a nosy busybody. At least Langan's Maggie was a bitchy busybody, there was at least an interesting spark there.
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