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Dec 28 2012, 12:56 AM
Dec 27 2012, 11:11 PM
I felt like almost every scene with every pairing was having the same conversation about getting together and why they couldn't get together only to talk about getting together again. Somebody fucking DO something.

Rafe blowing Sami a new asshole was fun but I will agree with Lysie, I don't like Rafe/Nicole friendship. GG and AZ have good chemistry but I struggle with Rafe being besties with the woman who caused the love of his life pain and suffering.

I liked JA as Santa but I hate Victor as Santa.

MR needs someone to fix that color in her hair; it's far worse than anything LK has ever tried to pull off.

They need to recast sourpuss Sydney.

Why aren't we seeing more of Kate and Lucas and less of Maggie and Dan?

EJ just plain sucks now. I cannot stand anything about him but the Pretty and the Pretty was at least dressed decently yesterday.

Sonny needs a personality.

Eric is the best thing going on this show.

WTF was Nicole doing regarding Eric outside of behaving like an insane person?

If EJ can forgive Sami shooting him in the head while he was passed out and Sami can forgive EJ for hiding Sydney from her,making her think Sydney was dead,making her tell Johnny she did not love him while he was have surgery for eye cancer,making her give him custody when she married Rafe,and not telling her Rafe had been replaced with a look alike,I think Rafe could over looked what Nicole did concerning Sydney.Nicole did pay for what she did which is more than Sami or EJ did.
Ummm....yea....I think all of that was shyte too and I disagree with you in terms of payback because on this show nobody really pays for anything in a long term lasting way.
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