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Dec 28 2012, 04:06 PM
I really want Sydole to happen. I'm tired of only the characters I hate getting payoffs while the characters I love constantly get screwed over.

Things really have got to change before this show gets cancelled. Right now this show is pure crap. I watched through the episode the other day without being able to FF and it was just painful. I'm not saying having Sydole happen would save the show but it would definitely be something new for Nicole to be allowed to have a kid of her own.
Well, looking at Sidney she does look like she is Nicoles and not Samis.. but hey!
I could say the same thing with the new twins.

Sami's children need to be blond or dark haired as their fathers + Sami could get a new kid in the future. However i want to see her kids being teenager now.. and cause problems for her. LOL
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