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Viewing Single Post From: GH: SOD 2013 Previews

Several points about this preview

1) How freaking boring
2) Anna/Duke/Luke triangle? WTF? No Robert?
3) Elizabeth doesn't need redemption or a storyline - Becky needs to get the hell out of this train wreck of a soap. I hope she doesn't re-sign in Feb
4) I get why they are not trying to redeem Sam - there is no redemption for a poledancng, convicted prostitute and murderess, homewrecker and child endangerer. Even Cartini are not that dumb to try and redeem that trash bag
5) I think the preview and Cartini are full of crap. Why even preview Steve/Olivia when Scott Reeves was let go and won't be seen on air past Feb? Morons and putting the final nail in the GH coffin. Cancel it, it's beyond saving with these two morons at the the helm
Edited by DontMessWithBope, Dec 29 2012, 05:20 AM.
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