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Dec 29 2012, 10:17 AM
Dec 29 2012, 04:10 AM
Maybe I'm the only person who feels this way, but I think that it's far too early to be lamenting the further destruction of Chloe Lane. She hasn't even aired yet, so there's really no way to be certain that her entire storyline is going to play out a certain way. Perhaps the character will be further destroyed...but we really don't know anything of the sort yet. The fact that we've seen a few Chloe-related spoilers that happen to involve one of the least popular characters on the show (Daniel) is not enough to convince me that she's being brought back just to suffer a fate that's as bad as, if not worse than, her last storyline.

If, when her time in Salem ends in the spring, it turns out that she is indeed no better off than she was before, then I'll lament the further destruction of Chloe Lane...but for now, when her time in Salem has not even started, I'm willing to give the storyline a chance before I rush to judgment. :shrug:
They say that the best way to predict the future is to look at the past.Look what they did to Chloe before she left.You know the only reason Chloe is coming back is to solidify Dannifer as the new "golden couple"with a child and a new focus for Dan since Mel left.The only problem is that TPTB didn't know they were going to get bopped on the head with all this negative feedback on Dan and Jenn ......together and separately.(they tape three months in advance).They can't look the other way anymore .......the feedback and ratings are drowning them......they have to do damage control.How many times can you get hit on the head before you realize something is wrong?I believe they will change the Dannifer outcome and rethink WTH they are doing .....that is if they want to keep the show going,or at least give the show a sendoff in a decent light.I am hoping that they have Dan,Chloe and Parker leave together.
I agree that referring to the past is key to trying to understand TomSell's plans. They've already shown us on several fronts that they're taking the show back to where it was in the summer of 2011 when they left. This Chloe return fits that pattern. When last we saw Chloe under Tomlin's reign, she was a broken down, suicidal prostitute. Before MarDar ushered her out, they cleaned her up and restored a modicum of dignity. I guess we're seeing what Tomlin had in mind for her if he had stayed.

We've already heard rumors that he planned to bring Jack back for about six weeks only to kill him off by having Jack commit suicide. That would have meant that Jennifer would have had an obligatory period of mourning before picking up again with Daniel. Cue Chloe's return to cause trouble in their newly restored, post-Jack, snowglobe world of perfection.

That's basically what we're getting now. Tomlin just had to alter a few details because of the Nicole/Daniel situation he inherited. So I don't see that he had any plans to drastically improve Chloe from where he left off. And the early spoilers seem to confirm this.

BUT, as you say, the feedback on his vainglorious plans has been rolling in. We got a small hint that something is up when we heard about a tweet from SC that he's being "punished" -- we can assume verbally -- for at least one day sometime in March. So who knows? But I would guess -- looking to past experience again -- that Tomlin's ego won't allow him to let Dannifer go completely. He thinks he can manipulate things so that the audience will eventually accept the pair. And, unfortunately, he is showing he's prepared to do whatever he has to do -- kill off characters, ruin characters, and force implausible situations -- to ramrod his will upon us the viewers.

As for Daniel leaving with Chloe and Parker, I think that scenario has merit, but I can't see how the timing will make it work. NB is finishing up her scenes now. SC's contract runs through March. So, unless they have quietly let him go, Daniel is still going to be around for at least three or four months after Chloe departs.

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