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Dec 29 2012, 09:30 AM
Dec 29 2012, 03:24 AM
apparently corday thinks people like this disgusting pairing ? :drunk: have no idea where he's getting that from
What I don't understand is why he agreed to go with them again, after they broke them up last year and moved Daniel into Nicole's ummm "orbit". I guess TomSell layed the Hard Sell on thick, stating that they could make them what MarDar failed to, the next generation of Tom and Alice.

If you recall, Danloe had their issues and lots of backlash but the writers went with them anyway, and for a good amount of time. That is, until they decided to put Daniel and Jennifer together. Maybe it just looks like Dannifer will prevail but they will end soon. I know, I know - wishful thinking! :shrug:
That's what doesn't make any sense. They do know how unpopular this couple is, we have proof. They were obviously gong with Dannifer before but then that storyline was abruptly dropped, Jennifer was put back with Jack, and Daniel was sent away for several weeks. So I guess the question is, why are they going full steam ahead with Dannifer again? I don't visit every Days board, but the ones I do read the fans loathe Dannifer. Can other audience feedback be that much difference than online? Is there a focus group that is head over heels in love with Dannifer?

I wouldn't mind Daniel if his sleazy behavior was acknowledged onscreen. Even for a soap opera there's something icky about a doctor who has sex with all his female patients. Plus so many characters have been ruined in order to prop Daniel. Maggie used to be one of my favorite characters and now for me she is virtually unwatchable. Her gushing over this "son" she never knew is nauseating. It;s not like he was a child she had loved and had tragically been lost to her. I'd love to see her real children, Sarah and Melissa, return and give her hell for ignoring their existence in favor of Daniel.

I was at first really excited about Chloe's return. Now I'm dreading it. She and Parker are going to be nothing but stupid Dannifer angst.
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