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Most of this sounds pretty good. I am already sick of Shawn as Sonny's new right-hand man. I'm hopeful about Connie/Kate being less of a cartoon character. Even though the desire for a child was out of the blue at first, I don't want Lulu and Dante to lose their baby now that we know Maxie's pregnant. A few scares, some ups and downs and some drama is fine, but let this baby be born in the end. Lulu has already been overbearing in her behavior toward Maxie since she became their surrogate and I fear that if Maxie loses the baby it would do a lot of damage to their friendship. I don't want that. Soap characters need to have friends as well as lovers and rivals. Very intrigued about A.J. and Liz. I think they'd be extremely hot together and there's a lot of ground to cover between them. It's time to give Liz the front burner status she deserves instead of having her prop Sabrina all the time. I like that she's supportive of her and has stood up to Britt on her behalf, but we need more from Liz.
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