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I always look forward to GH anyways...

Todd/Carly/Johnny: Out of the 3 characters that moved to Port Charles from Llanview, Todd has been the most successful by interacting with others having good chemistry. I hate Todd when he acts lame, it just take his darker side out of chsracter and makes him seem like a complete joke, IMO. I was rooting for Todd and Carly before Todd decided to keep his secret because he was blackmailed by Johnny, but since Johnny is going to be in major trouble after revealing the truth, I wonder if he'll spill the beans to Starr and Carly about Todd knowing his secret? I hope Starr will catch since Todd tried to keep Johnny from confessing on numerous occasions.

P.S. Johnny's confession would have MAJOR momentum if Johnny and Starr were dating and was in cahoots w/ Connie over taking the fall for his mistake.

Anna/Luke/Duke: What will happen to Robert? Will Luke encounter Anna, Robert, and Duke in Switzerland? Will they discover Jerry Jacks holding Robin captive? I doubt the last question will happen BTW.

John and Sam: I'm assuming that Sam will accept the worse about Jason and John will be there for her during her vulnerable moment.

The Quest for ELQ: I'm loving this story the most, because of the melodramatic and campy elements altogether. Lucy is definitely going to have AJ and Tracy competing against one another to see who gets her vote since her vote will give one of them the victory. She's definitely going to fund the Nurses Ball by using Quartermaine assets, thanks to AJ and Tracy competition.

The Nurse's Ball: I doubt Robin will return anytime soon and this event will definitely be Sabrina's "Cinderella" moment from Ugly Betty (based on character's clumsiness and development so far.) to "Cinderella" which will sure get "Prince Charming" Patrick attention, much to Britt's chagrin. I also see her as Lisa Niles 2.0 in the near feature when she feels she's defeated, lol.

Steve/Olivia: I'm not sure sine Scott Reeves has been axed.

Connie/Kate/Sonny: Kate can be rid of for good, since Connie is Kate birth name. I like Connie lusting after Sonny rather than Kate who doesn't stand out like Connie does.

Shawn/Alexis: I'm still not over Shawn and Carly should have, would have, and could have. Alexis/Shawn aren't cutting it for me.

AJ/Liz: I'll consider it, but I hope Liz is smart and doesn't conect with him that deep.

Michael/Starr: They've had their moments, but I can take it or leave it, but they have enough going on already so they do not need another obstacle in their way at the moment.

Lulu/Dante/Maxie/Spin/Ellie: I'm looking forward to this story also, just because the premonition and I'm still wrapping my head around it. Perhaps it means that Dante's child will actually be Maxie's (Ellie could've been desperate to keep Maxie and Spinelli apart so using Dante's sperm and Maxie's eggs) and Lulu will be lonely so she'll get a puppy to keep her company??? That's far fetched. I hope it doesn't happen.

Kristina: What to do with her? Maybe throw her and Johnny together IF he can somehow get out of all that trouble.

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