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He may not be a victim, but he is a hell of a lot more sympathetic that Gabi and Nick. He's been trying to respect Gabi's choices and do what's right since the moment he found out. He's second guessing himself, which is totally understandable now that he's facing up to the reality that someone else will be raising his child. Parents who give their children up for adoption are given deep counseling to make sure of they are comfortable with the choice. Will didn't allow himself to get counseling, and that's on him. But I sure as hell have more sympathy for him that Nick and Gabi, who seem absolutely comfortable with cutting Will out despite Will's growing discomfort.
What Honeybees said. Yes, Will has a choice (well, as much of a choice as someone can have when they are at the mercy of writers who want to extend the reveal until X date for plot purposes, anyway), but I do think that he's ultimately going to choose to reveal that he's the father, so that's a bit of a moot point to me.

However, Will has always been willing to accept responsibility for the baby. Even if it inconveniences his life. Even if it ruins his relationship with Sonny. Even if it means that he has to drop out of college and get a dead-end job. Always.

Nick and Gabi have been, and still are, manipulating Will into doing what is best for Nick and Gabi. They have repeatedly preyed on his insecurities about broken homes. They have repeatedly preyed on his insecurities about his relationship with Sonny. They barely gave him any time to decide for himself what he wanted to do -- they offered this "solution" and then hovered over him, applying repeated pressure and not allowing him any privacy whatsoever, until he finally gave them the answer that they wanted him to give. They have repeatedly suggested that letting Nick raise the child would be in the child's best interests (and Will is, as far as I'm concerned, the only one who is truly coming across as being more concerned about the child's welfare than he is about his own selfish desires). Gabi, whom Will truly cares about and feels responsible for, has repeatedly insisted that Will needs to give up his child because that is what she wants -- knowing perfectly well that Will wants to make Gabi happy.

So yes -- Will has a choice. Will can stop this at any time. But I disagree with the assertion that this fact means that he cannot be seen as the victim. Will is being bullied into taking a specific course of action at the moment. Saying that he's not a victim because he could choose to tell the truth at any time is, to me, like saying that a person who is being bullied at school is not a victim because he could choose to report the bullying to the school principal at any time. (I have a different analogy that I'd love to make here, but I'll refrain from doing so because it might cause a huge derailment.)

As I've said before...if Nick and Gabi had just said to Will, "We have this idea about Nick raising the baby. Take some time to think about it and get back to us when you've made your decision. No pressure," and Will had agreed to go along with the plan without being manipulated or pressured into making that decision, that would have been an entirely different matter, but that's not what happened, and that is why Will's the victim and the only sympathetic character in this scenario, IMO.
Umm, Nick said to him and I quote "I would never want to take you away from your child. If you are ready to step up and be its father. Is that something you're willing to do?" Will's response was "Well I need some time to think about this." If Will wanted to step up, why didn't he say so then? Gabi then says "You can take some time to think about this. You don't have to decide right now, you can take some time." Nick points out the obvious, that everyone already thinks he (Nick) is the father and if Will wants to step up, then now is his moment.

I just re-watched the scenes. All Will could talk about was how him and Gabi sleeping together was a mistake, the situation sucks and his obligations blah blah blah. Meanwhile Nick tells Gabi he wants to marry her and have a wonderful life with her. Will decided to let Nabi raise his child because that was the easiest choice. He doesn't have to tell Sonny and face his wrath and the Bradys and Hortons. It would've been one thing if he told Gabi he wanted to make things work as co-parents and let the chips fall where they may with Sonny. That's not what he did.
THe wrath of the Brady's and Hortons? why would will get the wrath of them i'm pretty sure most of them will be on will's side plus marlena and kate.
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