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Dec 29 2012, 08:56 PM
I watched the show for Thursday and Friday and didn't FF Daniel and Jennifer. I watched them. There's something I don't like about them. For me, I think they act like 12 year olds that are just discovering the opposite sex for the first time. I keep looking at Jennifer and thinking What are they doing with this character? This is a WOMAN, not a teenager, who has loved and lost and now all of sudden acts like she likes some boy? And Daniel, he has this, I don't even know how to explain it, this childness about him when he's around Jennifer. I really think that they should have waited on this relationship. It would have been nice to see some sort of mourning process for Jennifer. It would have been nice to see Jennifer be a strong woman, even when she's around someone like Daniel. I think part of the problem with the character of Daniel is that each writing team that has been at Days has a different vision of what Daniel is--it changes but all we, as viewers, see is a character who is not a well defined character and one that's just not liked. If the writers can't do something like this then please let them go off for a little while, reboot them and go on. It's such a shame as to what the "creative" people have done with these characters as of late.
rebooting them isn't going to work. they sucked the first time and they suck now.
they have NO chemistry.the writers need to ditch this pairing. why force something that's clearly not working and will never work.
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