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Monday ("The Wedding Stops")
Chad drops a bombshell at the wedding; Sonny is horrified over Will's secret.

Tuesday ("The Fight")
EJ comforts Sami after her argument with Rafe; Abigail refuses to forgive Chad.

Wednesday ("Wearing a Wire")
Hope comes up with a clever idea to expose Kristen; Chloe is angered when Brady tells her that he and Kristen are involved.

Thursday ("Catching On")
Marlena's plan goes down the drain; Chloe and Nicole fight about their love for Daniel.

Friday ("Leaving Town")
Jennifer decides to keep quiet about Chloe's past; Marlena is crushed when John informs her that he is leaving town.

National Enquirer Spoilers

Someone interrupts the wedding proceedings with accusations
Nick reassures Gabi everything will be fine
Will tries to talk to Sonny but he isn't receptive
EJ and Sami grow closer together
Marlena tries to manipulate Kristen
John decides that he needs more time to figure things out

**UPDATED 1/8**

Next week on Days of our Lives, someone enacts revenge on Gabi by exposing her lies...during her wedding! The battle lines will be drawn...

Sneak Peeks: Week of January 14

Using the information he learned at the hospital, Chad finally gets his revenge on Gabi when he interrupts the wedding proceedings and exposes her as a liar! Chad may be amused with himself, but the repercussions from his actions may cost him dearly with Abigail.

Nick reassures Gabi everything will be fine, keeping the shocker he learned about Will to himself.

Sonny walks out on Will.

Sami viciously blasts Gabi for trying to screw over Will, drawing Rafe's ire. Things get ugly between Rafe and Sami as their confrontation escalates dramatically.

EJ is there to comfort Sami in her time of need, the two growing closer in spite of the chaos on her life.

Marlena confides in Hope and later concocts a scheme to expose Kristen. Do you really take Kristen for a fool, Doc?

John decides he needs time to figure things out. Will his relationship with Marlena survive?

Chloe and Nicole face off over their love of Daniel. Meanwhile, Kate arms Jennifer with ammunition to destroy Chloe. Will Jennifer use this to her advantage?

Source Look Ahead: Week of January 21

Will and Sonny try to work things out. Sami and Adrienne butt heads over their children. EJ offers Will his support.


Everyone nearly falls off their pews when Chad shows up at St. Lukeís to proclaim that Nick isnít the man who knocked up Gabi. Rafe is furious and the traditional Salem wedding pummeling commences. Will watches his friend get beaten into the carpet until he finally decides heís seen enough. He steps up and announces that heís the father. Sonny is shocked and runs away. Will is about to run after him when his dad demands some answers. Heís not the only one. Rafe doesnít know whatís going on, but heís not happy to catch Sami tearing into his sister, accusing her of bamboozling her son. Sami and Rafe get into a brutal fight after she nearly clobbers his pregnant little sister. Samanther runs off to sob on Elvis. Meanwhile, Lucas and Will still havenít learned how to talk quietly. They babble all about Willís past crimes and Nick just happens to overhear them. He assures his bride that heís got all of the ammunition they need to get what they want.

In the aftermath of the fiasco, Will attempts to mend things with Sonny. The Kiriakis admits that he still loves him, but that isnít enough. Will mopes, finally running into his mother. They have an unpleasant conversation about what future he foresees for his child. Meanwhile, Chad picks his face off the floor and tries to apologize to Abby. She tells him to stuff it. Cameron backs her up.

Marlena moans to Hope about how her relationship with her husband is in a shambles. She wonders how to fix it and make sure that Brady can see the truth about Kristen. The cop gets a brilliant idea. She decides to equip the talking doctor with a wire. The shrink heads straight for Kristenís room. The cocky DiMera lets her in and easily out-maneuvers the doctor in her head game. Kristen manages to sound innocent and sad, but is sure to flash a little note stating that she knows what Marlenaís up to. Marlena storms off. John winds up hearing the recording, which doesnít make Kristen sound bad at all. However, it happens to include the doctor admitting that she knew Kristen was sleeping with Brady for some time and kept it a secret so to keep the DiMera out of Johnís bed. Heís disgusted that she let his son be seduced because of her own insecurity and decides to leave town. Meanwhile, Brady finds the torn shreds of Kristenís little note and wonders what the hell it is. He tries asking her but then collapses. She takes him to the hospital and Cameron reminds him that he recently had head his head kicked in. His girlfriend slips away to pay off the dudes who did it.

Chloe and Brady quickly reconnect. Sheís shocked when she learns that he has hooked up with Kristen DiMera. The diva has a lot more pressing things to be annoyed and worried about. She finds Daniel kissing Jenn and that really makes her cringe. The doctor takes a break from the blond and uses his mouth to suggest that Chloe give Kate access to Parker. Chloe doesnít like that idea, not one little bit. While she gets busy overreacting, Kate is already busy trying to find a way to get access to the child again. She tips Jenn off that thereís something the doctor ought to know: Chloe used to be a call girl. Jenn decides not to tell the clueless doctor. However, Chloe knows that she knows and decides to exploit it to her own advantage. She hooks up with Anne the Jenn hater to destroy the Hortonís career. Meanwhile, Kate kicks up her vendetta to have Chloe declared an unfit mother.


Week of January 14:

Monday January 14:
Chad reveals that Nick's not the father of Gabi's child.
The wedding is brought to a halt.
Rafe accuses Chad of lying and the men physically fight.
Will comes forward and reveals the truth. Sonny runs off.
Lucas demands answers from his son.
Sami rips into Gabi and Rafe warns Sami to leave his sister alone.

Tuesday January 15:
Rafe and Sami have an ugly fight over Gabi's lies.
Nick learns incriminating information regarding Will's past and goes to Gabi, in the hopes of using it.
Marlena offers Will support.
Sonny and Will discuss Will's lies.
Abby tells Chad to take a hike and Cameron makes sure Chad does so.

Wednesday January 16:
Marlena confides in Hope about her marital troubles and Hope comes up with an idea of how to get Brady to see the truth.
Marlena's wearing a wire when she goes to see Kristen.
Chloe burns while witnessing Jenn kissing Daniel.
Daniel suggests Chloe grant Kate limited access to Parker, which she does not like.
Kate tracks Jenn down, There's something Daniel needs to know.

Thursday January 17:
Kristen surprises Marlena by not outing herself on tape.
John hears the tape and hears Kristen's revalation that Marlena was happy Brady was sleeping with her because it'd mean there was no room for John in her bed.
Brady finds Kristen's note to Marlena.
Chloe and Nicole clash over their love for Daniel.
Kate presses her agenda to discredit Chloe's mothering.

Friday January 18:
Jenn doesn't tell Daniel about Chloe's past in prostitution.
Anne helps Chloe set Jennifer up.
Nicole and Eric make amends and she confesses her mixed feelings about her friend pursuing her ex.
Brady passes out.
Kristen feels guilt knowing Brady's physical issues could be a result of saving her from muggers.
Marlena admits her mistrust of John. He decides to leave town to figure out what to do about his marriage and his son.
Sami's past comes back to haunt her when she and Will discuss his role in his child's life.

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