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Dec 30 2012, 05:41 AM
I guess my question is why would Will even consider going along with it?
Because he's trying to put Gabi's desires, as well as (and most importantly) the baby's welfare, ahead of his own needs.

Will has a history of putting his own feelings aside for the sake of other people -- that's why we just spent months watching him agonize over his own sexuality. Yes, he was worried about how being gay would change his plans for his own future, but he was also very worried about how being gay would affect his loved ones. He was willing to live a closeted life because he thought that would be the course of action that would make everyone else happy. Even after he came out of the closet, he was willing to go back in because Lucas and T (and, to a lesser extent, Sonny) said some things that reinforced his belief that being gay had inconvenienced his loved ones. (That's what led to this pregnancy in the first place.)

Will didn't want to be the one to tell Rafe about the grief sex, even though keeping that secret was eating Will up inside (on top of everything that Will was already dealing with in terms of his sexuality), because he didn't want to be the one to ruin the happy family that Rafe, Sami, Will, Johnny, Allie, and Sydney had become. (Yes, this later changed for plot purposes because the writers needed to give Will a reason to want to kill Stefano, but that doesn't change the fact that this was originally a motivating factor in Will's decision to keep Sami's secret.)

Will decided to back off of Sonny because he heard Adrienne say that Will wasn't good enough to date Sonny.

Will proposed to Gabi when he found out that she was pregnant, despite the fact that he knew that he would never really be happy with that arrangement, because he thought that it was his responsibility to do so.

I'm sure that there are other examples that I could think of, but you get the gist.

None of this makes Will a coward, IMO -- it makes him someone who has had to be the adult far too often in his young life, thanks to his parents' drama, and who has never really had the luxury of being able to be a selfish "kid" like most people who are his age have been able to be. In that scene that I mentioned earlier, where Nick pressured Will into keeping the baby's paternity a secret for a while longer, Will agreed to keep the secret not because he wanted to, but because Nick made it clear that Will needed to do so for Gabi's sake.

We're in agreement that Will can still choose to reveal the truth, and that Nick and Gabi would be powerless to stop him if he chose to do so. I've never claimed otherwise, and I have always believed that Will will do so as soon as the writers decide to allow him to (meaning, at the wedding). However, I don't agree that Will is keeping the baby's paternity a secret for selfish reasons, such as protecting his relationship with Sonny (Will has, on more than one occasion, stated that Sonny would probably be able to handle the truth -- but every time that Will has mentioned that, Gabi or Nick has been there to try to discourage that line of thinking).

Will is keeping the baby's paternity a secret because he believes -- and Nick and Gabi have been happily and not-so-subtly reinforcing this belief all along -- that doing so is what's best for the baby and Gabi. He's not keeping the secret because he wants to. Making the decision to let Nick raise the child never left Will with a sense of relief. There was never any indication that Will felt like a burden had been lifted off of his shoulders. He's never celebrated the fact that he no longer has to be responsible for a child. Nothing like that has ever happened. Will's decision gave him no peace whatsoever. Will is keeping the secret because he feels like that's what everyone wants him to do. He's keeping the secret out of a sense of obligation -- obligation toward his child, obligation toward the woman whose life he "ruined" when he ignored his obligation to use protection -- and because he's spent his entire life putting other people's needs and wants ahead of his own.
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