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Dec 30 2012, 10:21 AM
It's possible that Chad finds out that Will is the baby daddy, but thinks that Will doesn't know, so he rushes to the church to tell Will before the wedding takes place. Of course, everybody at the wedding will find out too. Sonny could just be horrified that Will had sex with Gabi and it resulted in a baby, but he could also be horrified because of what he knows Will's baby mama did. Somebody is going to spill about Gabi's part in Melanie's kidnapping, the question is who? I think EJ will be drawn into the inevitable custody battle, and he knows the truth, and he found out before Chad signed the agreement, so if he told, it should not be a breach. (I'm obviously ignoring the stupidity of the plot that Chad would automatically go to prison if he violated the agreement.)
I do like the possibility that Chad thinks Will isn't aware of he is the father. I guess that might make Chad think he is being noble by revealing the secret at the wedding. I'm not convinced it plays out that way; but it is an interesting and somewhat plausible course of events.

Sonny already knows what Gabi did regarding Melanie. It's not likely he would be horrified by it again. I suppose it's possible he could be horrified a second time; but this spoiler almost certainly relates to the paternity to the secret. I hope Sonny isn't the only one horrified or completely shellshocked by this secret. I want jaws to drop for everyone in attendance and even for those not in attendance, like Justin and Adrienne.
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