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Dec 30 2012, 10:17 AM
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I can expect that Sonny will be angry that will has been keeping it secret. But he should understand that all this happened before him & will were even dating.
You're right about that. However, the lies and the paternity secret started after they began dating and screwing. That should be what horrifies Sonny and justifiably so. If Will is capable of rejecting his own child, what's to stop him from rejecting someone or anyone else he should love?

It seems like this wedding is going to be very, very entertaining.
True, but Sonny has also been keeping a secret from Will. One shouldn't cast stones whilst standing in a glass house.
What you're stating is a classic false equivalency. Will's secret is about him. Sonny's secret is not about Will or Sonny; it's not even Sonny's secret. The two secrets are nowhere equal to one another.
He's basically allowed Will to live a lie. Believing the mother of his child is a such a good person when that couldn't be farther from the truth. Perhaps if Sonny had confided in Will, then maybe Will wouldn't have been so willing to go along with Gabi's crap. Not saying Will is not responsible for his own decisions, he most certainly is, but I do think it would have played a big part in Will's decision making if he knew who Gabi really was.
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