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camera shy
Dec 30 2012, 10:37 AM
Will's just being stupid. Nothing is more important than your child's life and the role you play in your child's life. You don't choose anyone over that child especially your first lover who'll probably won't be your only lover when you're just eighteen.
I don't think he's being stupid. I think he's a young kid caught up in a crazy situation who is trying to make the right decision under difficult circumstances. I'm not convinced that he's only concerned with what is best for the baby because I think part of him simply wants to believe this is best so that his life doesn't get blown up. But, I do think that is one of his primary concerns. I also believe Gabi and Nick feel the same way, but again, "what is best for the baby" is a convenient excuse for getting what they want to. In short, I believe that all of these characters have complicated motives, good and bad. Nick's an ass and a jerk, but he's not an evil ass and he's not doing these things for evil motives. Gabi is selfish, but I don't think she's trying to hurt Will as much as trying to do what works best for her.

That's what I like about this story. It's not all black and white, even if the show won't go as deep into the emotions as they should.
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