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Mean, Mean, Mean!
Dec 30 2012, 10:11 AM
Thanks for all your hard work!!

I have one question though, for example, with Kristin Alfonso you have (Hope ###/Princess Gina ###) and with Eileen Davidson, you have (Kristin Blake ###/Susan Banks ###/Sister Mary ##/Penelope Kent #/...that other one XD ##)

So, why do you have Josh Taylor listed for Roman and Chris separately? Just wondering :)

Edit: and now that I think about it, if you are doing multi charicters, shouldn't Wayne also get credit for Alex North?

(Just trying to help :) )
Kristian, Eileen, Galen, Charles Shaughnessy, etc... all played DUAL roles (at the same time). I count those together in the actor counts. Josh, Wayne, Renee Jones, etc... played roles at DIFFERENT times. I had to make a choice whether to combine ALL roles, or just DUAL roles, and I went with dual only, since then there would be TONS of people having to be combined together. Ali Sweeney as Young Adrienne, Joe Mascolo as Dr. Tufano, Frank Parker as Car Salesman, etc.... Plus there are tons of 1-2 day guest roles from the 1970s and 1980s which we don't know who played the roles, so for that reason, they are not combined.

However, the separate stints are combined on a list at the bottom of that page, so those numbers (Josh as Chris & Roman) are available as well (again just for characters who have been in at least 5 episodes in total):

84 actors are on the list above at least twice, having played roles during at least two different stints. Here are their total episode counts:

Josh Taylor (Roman Brady-1414/Chris Kositchek-1020) 2433
John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis-2271/Dr. Eric Richards-11) 2282
Renee Jones (Lexie Carver-1638/Nikki Wade-63) 1701
Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera-1690/Dr. Tufano-5) 1695
Wayne Northrop (Roman Brady-918/Alex North-130) 1048
Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis-591/Bonnie Lockhart-233) 824
Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Brady-518/Georgia LaMarque-5) 523
Jacee Jule (Patty-191/Waitress at Alice’s-21/Bliss-9/Sandra-7/Ellen-6) 234
Andrea Hall (Samantha Evans-122/Hattie Adams-50) 172
Eileen Barnett (Stephanie Woodruff-141/Sister Anne-7) 148
Tamara Braun (Taylor Walker-80/Ava Vitali-67) 147
Elaine Princi (Linda Anderson-76/Kate Winograd-56) 132
John Callahan (Dr. Richard Baker-106/Tyler Malone-10/Doyle Archer-5) 121
Jeanne Bates (Anne Peters-80/Jean Perkins-22) 102
Ryan MacDonald (Scott Banning-75/Chauncey Powell-25) 100
Patrice Chanel (Gail Carson-73/Joan Hunt-12) 85
Cyndi James Gossett (Lexie Brooks-47/Sally Johnson-21) 68
Eddie Velez (Paul Mendez-54/Malko-9) 63
Burt Douglas (Jim Fisk-55/Sam Monroe-6) 61
Kathryn Fuller (Mabel Cummings-49/Mabel the maid-7) 56
Ian Buchanan (Ian McAllister-44/Lord Sheraton-5) 49
John Lombardo (Fred Barton-45/Eric Peters-4) 49
Schuyler Yancey (Cameron Davis-39/Bryan-10) 49
Byron Morrow (Judge-28/Judge Turner-19) 47
Ray Stricklyn (Howard Hawkins-28/Judge Harold Wells-19) 47
Francis DeSales (Dr. Rusty Lincoln-45/Dr. James Spencer-1) 46
Steve Eastin (Alfred Jericho-38/Ralph-4/Duke Johnson-1) 43
Elizabeth Storm (Janice Barnes-41/Charlene-1) 42
William H. Bassett (Walter Griffin-36/Jerry Barnes-4/Scott Banning-1) 41
James Luisi (Duke Johnson-33/Earl Johnson-8) 41
Rob Moran (T.C. Greer-28/Arthur Shepard-7/Kevin-6) 41
Angelique DeWindt Francis (Lexie Brooks-36/Charlene-1) 37
Michael Russo (Charles-32/Andre Dumane-5) 37
Javier Grajeda (Benny Benetiz-18/Ernie-11/Captain Chavez-6) 35
Julian Barnes (Harold-26/Claude Goddard-6) 32
Anthony DeLongis (Hans-23/Claus VanZandt-9) 32
Lisa Brinegar (Sarah Horton-27/Little Isabella Toscano's Voice-2) 29
E.A. Sirianni (Court Clerk-15/Court Reporter-14) 29
Ian Patrick Williams (Dr. Adams-9/Bert Klein-7/David Lockhart-7/Steve-6) 29
Paulene Myers (Mrs. Ward-14/Mrs. Jackson-14) 28
Nancy Parsons (Mary Brooke-21/Nurse Jackson-7) 28
Mark Schneider (Maurice Marchand-23/Harry Hogansen-5) 28
Joseph Whipp (Lou-21/Thug-7) 28
Gerald York (Louie-23/Sam Blake-5) 28
Mark Lindsay Chapman (Russell Spector-20/Trevor Lodge-7) 27
Peter MacLean (Shawn Brady-14/Dr. Paul Whitman-13) 27
John Apicella (Nathan Burke-15/Agent Byers-11) 26
Russell Thorson (Dr. Donald White-15/Dr. John Emory-11) 26
Ron Kuhlman (Jimmy Porterfield-24/Hank Tobin-1) 25
Joyce Little (Vanessa Walker-18/Ayla-7) 25
Dick Gittings (Bob Anderson-18/Dr. Jim Foster-6) 24
Noah Keen (DA Jim Fleming-22/DA Wayne Charles-1) 23
Ivan Bonar (Judge Gelson-7/Judge Arthur Fenton-7/Judge Clarence Foster-7) 21
Diane Delano (Olga-11/Hilda von Bingham-10) 21
Thomas Belgrey (Honor Guard Chief-9/Mr. Lewis-6/Mr. West-5) 20
Robert Hanley (Craven/Mystery Man following Eugene-10/Brent Maller-7/Uncle Eric Brady-3) 20
John Martin (Robert Brennan-13/Bill Horton-7) 20
Vanessa Bell (Denise Preston-10/Charlene-9) 19
Betsy Jones-Moreland (Nurse Abbott-11/Mrs. Collins-8) 19
Nancy Sloan (Sally Wales-12/Lyla Schraeder-7) 19
Charles VanEman (Trent Becker-12/Phil-7) 19
Matt Landers (Benny LaMott-12/Mr. Broom-5) 17
Trent Dolan (Allen Hamlin-13/Commissoner Samuels-3) 16
S.A. Griffin (Foley-6/Ben Sherman-5/Nat Warner-5) 16
Peter Hobbs (Dr. Lawrence Andrews-11/Judge Riley-5) 16
Jane Kean (Diane Hunter-9/Grace Hutton-7) 16
Andrew LaMond (Oscar Davies-8/Randall Jaynes-8) 16
Robert Madrid (Charles-11/Chico Valez-5) 16
Sid Conrad (Ribiwitz-9/Nick-6) 15
Bill Cross (Bill-8/Commissioner Samuels-7) 15
Daryl Anderson (Fisher Andrews-8/Intruder Reporter-6) 14
Oscar Beregi (Sergio-8/Colonel Dubovik-6) 14
Patricia Huston (Addie Olson-9/Gladys-5) 14
Brendan Broms (Mr. Trask-7/Helicopter Pilot-6) 13
M.C. Gainey (Arthur Warren-8/Big Chauncey O'Hanrahan-5) 13
Elizabeth MacRae (Phyllis Anderson-8/Barbara Randolph-5) 13
Paul Tinder (Russ-8/Paul Stewart-5) 13
Peter Vogt (Dave Burnett-10/Dr. Maxwell-3) 13
Terrence Beasor (Bailiff-10/Ernesto Toscano-2) 12
Lionel Mark Smith (Dr. Jackson-7/Nelson Billingsley-5) 12
Richard Roat (Henry Moore-6/Conrad Hutton-5) 11
Fred Sanders (Gene Raskin-8/Arnie Leonard-3) 11
Fred Rapport (Juror-8/Dr Hightower-1) 9
Joey Aresco (Goon-7/Joe Moroni-1) 8
Jean LeBouvier (Juror Mrs. Ballard-7/Eleanor Anderson-1) 8
Joyce Meadows (Lucille Osborn-5/Mrs.Simms-1) 6
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