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Yeah, the custody battle is a sure thing, pretty much rivaling the ones fought for Will which lasted about 8 years, lol......but IMHO Will already knows that Nick is an asshole, a homophobe ex con with controlling tendencies....THAT ALONE should tell him that it's not in the best interest of the child to actually grow up with Nick around.....now I get that he considers Gabi his best friend and she wants to raise this child with Nick, so Will going with whatever she wants is not too far fetched...however, for Will to make up his mind based on what Gabi did, which wasn't any worse than what Nick has done or what Will himself tried to do is just cray. Andrew was more responsible for the events that took place that night than Gabi was, she was trying to get to Mel and Andrew to get Mel to safety when sh e realized Andrew went rogue.....Nick is the real problem here and the fact that Will is NOW showing signs of not wanting his child to be raised by Nick and Gabi after being okay with that decision early on is just stupid IMHO.
I'm not even referring to the explosion, but the kidnapping itself. Nick killed a guy who was pimping out his teen daughter after Nick has a mental breakdown. Will was a kid desperately trying to protect his family. Gabi left Mel to rot to save herself and because she wanted Chad. She didn't have the excise of being mentally ill or snapping. She's clearly the worst of them all. Not to mention that she's currently browbeating Will into doing what she wants. Nick was not supposed to be considered the bad guy here early on, so I understand why Will agreed to let him raise the baby. The whole town supported his freedom and supports his impending fatherhood.
I think you're pretty much spot on, except for the fact of Nick's treatment of Gabi when he thought Chad was the father. How much of that did Will witness? I seem to recall that he only caught the tail end, so he doesn't really have any reason to think Nick hasn't reformed. And Gabi, she seems to have poor judgment anyway. But I don't recall just how bad Nick's behavior was in front of Will.

Also, Will doesn't know about Gabi's involvement with Andrew or the fact that she let Melanie rot rather than going to the police, right?
No, Will doesn't know. So not sure how that could be the secret that Sonny finds out. The only thing that Will knows is that he is the father of the baby and that is pretty horrifying to find out considering Sonny has been Will's boyfriend for weeks and in an exclusive relationship with him for that matter.
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