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It's all relative. In a show full of weak, shallow, plot-driven storylines, this one is actually the best of the lot. Whether we agree with Will's motivations or not (and I admit some of them are flimsily constructed), at least he has them, and he's being written more or less true to character. And not only are we allowed to see his struggle, we see him evolving and changing as time passes, as he thinks things through, and as he gets to know Nick better and isn't liking what he sees. Will started out in shock and horrified at the news. He was scared and determined not to repeat what he saw as his parents' mistakes. Yet, in his latest conversation with Sami, we heard him say that he's seeing her and Lucas's dilemma in a whole new light. And he's getting stronger when it comes to stating his views and questioning both Gabi and Nick. This is called character growth, folks, and it's such a rarity on this show these days -- even rarer that we get to see it unfold instead of it happening offscreen. Yes, the story is rushed. Yes, the story is thin (and the whole matter could be cleared up with a conversation or two). But the fact that we're getting to see Will's struggle is a revelation because this is more what soaps should be like -- character-driven.

Now, if only they hadn't had to sacrifice the Nick character to their plot, and if they hadn't put a weak, inconsequential character like Gabi in the center, I would actually give these writers a little credit. (Shocking, I know. ;) )

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