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He's fine as of now...his 26 wk cycle now ends around the first week of June. I think he might be safe for now, and they might not send him off till the Wabi baby is born, but hope they give him something in the meantime but I'm sure they won't and Rafe will be more heavily featured in the Wabi post reveal than Lucas...
Can't they be fired every 13 weeks?
That's what I thought too. I don't know much about contracts but my understanding was that they could be fired at any time. I have no reason at all to believe BD is safe judging by the fact that he has no story currently and no story in the future. I believe they are taping March now and the 2013 spoilers were at least through the spring.
They probably could be fired at any time, but they can only be fired every 13 weeks without having to be paid for the balance of their episode guarantee. Veterans can be released every 26 weeks, and I'm pretty sure Bryan is considered a vet, so he has started on a new 26 week period and should be safe til it ends.
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