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Dec 30 2012, 10:05 PM
Drake should be near the beginning of a cycle, too. It really could be all about screen time...at this point. As in, they're speaking up now rather than waiting until it's too late.
I sincerely hope you're right. I am tired of this show treating it's vets like shit. If your writer doesn't want to or doesn't know how to write for the vets than fire the damn writer. The vets are the fabric of your show, you let them go, the show comes apart. Proof's in the ratings. And I do NOT want Marlena without John. We already have Hope, Jen and Kayla without their husbands. Jen has been ruined and Kayla & Hope are backburned or used as props. The execs at NBC need to realize that the majority of their viewers are long-term viewers that grew up watching Bo & Hope, John & Marlena, Jack & Jen etc., so they're not helping the show by getting rid of the characters that fans have grown up with. Damn the demographics. If they're looking for dead weight to get rid of, Roman and Daniel should be the first to go since neither is liked or needed.
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