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Dec 30 2012, 11:00 PM
Dec 30 2012, 10:05 PM
Drake should be near the beginning of a cycle, too. It really could be all about screen time...at this point. As in, they're speaking up now rather than waiting until it's too late.
I sincerely hope you're right. I am tired of this show treating it's vets like shit. If your writer doesn't want to or doesn't know how to write for the vets than fire the damn writer. The vets are the fabric of your show, you let them go, the show comes apart. Proof's in the ratings. And I do NOT want Marlena without John. We already have Hope, Jen and Kayla without their husbands. Jen has been ruined and Kayla & Hope are backburned or used as props. The execs at NBC need to realize that the majority of their viewers are long-term viewers that grew up watching Bo & Hope, John & Marlena, Jack & Jen etc., so they're not helping the show by getting rid of the characters that fans have grown up with. Damn the demographics.
The best thing about the argument that these networks want to target and grab a younger crowd is that they are pretty much focusing mainly on the 35-45 crowd with the focus on Ej, Sami, Rafe, Nicole, Dan and Jen most of the time not the younger crowd at all if you ask me. The only OTHER story getting enough airtime now that DOES feature a younger crowd is Wabi's story, but let's face it that is the 20s crowd, there is NO TEEN SET on this show....you'd think if the network was truly serious they'd at least try to get a teen scene going for the summer of 2013, which pretty much you'd have to go and start now developing the characters....the easiest way to do it is to SORAS the kids now....make Theo, Ciara, Johnny, Allie and Syd be in that 13-18 age group...Theo and Ciara can be around 16, while Johnny and Allie are 14 and Syd is 12 or something like that, maybe add JJ and Joe to that mix have them be around 12/13 ....it's time for a major shake up on Days....and an entire new teen set to come on....Although not fond of the teen scene myself I truly don't think I would have been attached this much to Days if something didn't attract me when I was a teen and it was mainly the teen storylines that did it to me at the time.

Frankly I don't remember a time that there was such a lack of a teen scene on Days

In the 90s there was Lucas, Sami, Carrie, Jaime, Austin
In the 2000s there was Belle, Shawn, Chloe, Philip, Mimi, etc
It appears that an attempt was made in 2009/2010 to have something set up with Chad, Will, Mia, etc...but that was more to further story with the baby switch than anything else....
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