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Dec 25 2012, 11:02 AM
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Dec 21 2012, 11:09 AM
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No, as proven in the past his schemes were far more sinister against her with R2 and bloody baby clothes but now since they are trying to pull off this "more balanced" triangle you know.. his schemes need to be more neutered and possibly blamed all on Kristen in the end. I can so see them doing this and history of Ej blaming others repeats itself yet again! Especially if Kristen is the one to out the scheme to Sami in her game and you know EJ will play the sympathy card as all he is doing is "trying to be more like Lexie" Didn't you know?! :sarcasm: :flipoff: PTB!
His schemes in the past were far more sinister because he was usually throwing in some vengeance.

Right now, he ain't pissed off at anyone.

He is at ( Rafe/ Daniel/ Nicole) but he is just keeping it on the DL because it would interfere with his getting Sami plan and that is also why he didn't press charges about the ejole baby because he knew it would piss her off. So it was more of him pretending to be something he is not. To "impress Sami". Your reasoning for why SAFE to you doesn't work is why Ejami to me doesn't because Elvis must change who he is and while to start off Sami may have been the damsel to start off with she is definately not that and he knows it or Carrie for that matter. As Rafe said early on "you're always so fiesty" and that's the Sami he fell in love with. Are they more mature than her other relationships? yes, but Rafe fell in love with the fiesty spitefire and he knows EXACTLY who she is but loves her anyways. Where Sami with EJ does not.
I haven't seen EJ give any of these people a backwards glance since he found out no one was responsible for his sons death, he just died.

He ripped Nicole a new one for lying.

I don't think he gives a shit about Nicole and Daniel, period, much like Rafe didn't give a shit about Sami and Lucas. It wasn't until EJ re-entered the picture and Carrie dumped him he remembered he loved Sami.

Rafe doesn't love the spitfire Sami UNLESS it's directed at EJ, when it's directed at helping EJ, then she deserves to learn there are consequences to her actions.

He hated it when she was going after Kate thru Madison and her job. Rafe fell in love with Carrie before he knew Sami cheated. That marriage started having cracks before griefsex.
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