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Thank you! I actually think it's nice to see Nicole back to her scheming self. I just wish that Nicole would stick around instead of the better and "changed" Nicole we will no doubt get when the Ericoma romance starts up.
I just don't see a woman kissing an unwilling partner in a drunken stupor as "scheming." I think it's just sad and it's such a waste to see a character as fun as Nicole look so pathetic. I suppose that since I have been an Ericole fan since the glory days of Zucker and Ackles, I am hoping that Zucker (being the awesome actress that she is) will be able to capture some of that lightning in a bottle with Vaughn and revive her character by stepping her up from EJ's second choice to Eric's first again. She deserves it.
Maybe I read the article wrong but was under the impression that she was pretending to be drunk to distract Ej for Rafe.
Well, if she pretending to be drunk at least we're getting a little sneaky sneak action from her and that's at least in character. But still, ugh, scheming for Rafe?! She is always scheming for some dude to get to Sami. First it was EJ. Now it's apparently Rafe. She should have better things...or people to do. ;)
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