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Dec 31 2012, 02:10 PM
Dec 31 2012, 02:04 PM
so it'll probably only be revealed to the audience that parker is a danloe baby and they'll drag out the reveal to orangeglow for awhile. wonder if chloe will find out that pervert screwed her bff
I don't think the fact that Dan slept with Nicole will matter to Chloe. Obviously she has a one track mind and wants him back god knows why. His magic thing must have really cast a spell on her if even more than a year away from Salem and she still hasn't gotten over him. I pity the poor girl.
Chloe probably wants to reunite with Dan because she wants her son to be with his real father. Like the other women who've fallen for Daniel lately, she probably has some fantasy in her head of a perfect family. I think that's what motivated Nicole to obsess over him (I don't think it was love). She was imagining a perfect family for her baby. And Jennifer is not exempt. I think she's not in love so much as she has this fantasy in her head that Daniel is a perfect doctor like her grandfather/brother. Jennifer did the same thing with Colin and Brandon, both doctors.

Imo, none of these women is seeing Daniel as he really is, but rather as a symbol for the life they think they want to have.

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