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Mrs. H and Mr. B

Dec 31 2012, 02:28 PM
Dec 31 2012, 02:08 PM
So let me get this straight. Sami chooses Rafe. Sami was about to have sex with Rafe. This means EJ is going to go away now, right, with zero dignity left but at least he knows loud and clear that once again Sami chose Rafe over him. I don't give a shit if they break apart during Gabi's wedding, that doesn't change the fact Sami chose him, wants him and was gonna have sex with Rafe. Oh, my, if EJ sticks around as Sami's fallguy and doesn't tell her to get the fuck away from him when she comes whining to him, he really isn't a Dimera. He needs to just change his last name to pathetic. Why have they stripped EJ of everything that made him interesting, starting with Nicole and ending with being a pompous, arrogant, but sexy badass.
Not taking sides on the whole EJ/Sami/Rafe fiasco, but I guess I don't understand how obsessing over a woman who isn't that interested in him (and who chooses to be with another man) makes EJ not a DiMera. Isn't that what Stefano did to Marlena for years? :shrug:

When I said that line, I didn't mean it so literally. I meant when I think of a Dimera I think of bad, scheming, maniipulative, mob type person, not gullible, whipped, and pathetic like EJ is being. If he's tired of Rafe, put a hit out on him. I mean, he knows he can't win the Beast fair and square, that's for sure. Stefano may have wanted Marlena for years and he kidnapped her, brainwashed her husband, etc., to prove it, Dimera style. Kind of what EJ did to Rafe. Now he is just plain lost his edge and badassness. I want my bad guys on this show and now there really aren't any. EJ has lost any spark for me. I want EJ to be badboy who knows how to love and keep a woman, not a good boy who doesn't know how to give up on a woman who doesn't want him.
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