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Dec 31 2012, 02:43 PM
Ej had character growth last year with Nicole and was all about only being with someone who accepted him for who he is. Shame all Tomsell care about is using him as Safe angst while taking away all his dignity and stripping him of everything that made his character enjoyable. At this point as sad I'd be if James left I would not blame him in the least. :shame:
I would have called it character growth only if EJ had never looked Sami's way again after supposedly finding love with Nicole. That should have been enough to close the chapter on Sami for good. Similar to how Sami closed the chapter on Austin after falling in love with Brandon and later Lucas. But since we still see EJ 6 years later just as obsessed and pathetic for Sami's affections as he was the day he set foot in Salem, all I see is a pattern here. He got angry for a little while after Sami shot him in the head but eventually the anger subsided and now he's back to being a mess for her. This leads me to believe that nothing will break this spell she seems to have over him, short of maybe death.
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