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Dec 31 2012, 05:22 PM
Brady is an idiot (though has good chemistry with Kristen)

John and Marlena being written out of character, instead of the soulmates they are who (BACK EACH OTHER UP). I miss MarDar. No way in hell would John move out on Marlena, or not believe her, and no way would Marlena not trust him. Someone needs to read the history on who this couple is. Cuz they are botching it.
Yes, remember last year when John was going to jail and he was trying to convince Marlena to give up on him? But she refused to do that and said she'd stand by him no matter what. What a difference a year (and a writing regime change) can make. :shame:

I'm all for having conflict for a married couple -- and not have them sitting around being happy all the time. But there were lots of ways the show could have gone with this that would have had John and Marlena confronting an obstacle together -- or at least not having John come across as such a dolt.

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