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Dec 31 2012, 06:22 PM

I'm all for having conflict for a married couple -- and not have them sitting around being happy all the time. But there were lots of ways the show could have gone with this that would have had John and Marlena confronting an obstacle together -- or at least not having John come across as such a dolt.
I don't mind him being a dolt. However, I DO mind him being an ass. And a hypocrite.

Nevermind the nonsensical stupidity of Marlena not telling him about Brady (which is really none of John's business to begin with). John - himself - has lied to her in the past. On numerous occasions. How many times did Marlena move out whenever John hasn't been truthful? ZERO.

Oh she did move out once --- when John was allowing Brady to emotionally abuse her back in 2001. For her own safety. Not because she was pissed. Despite it all, even though John was being cold and callous towards her, she stood by him.

Now, since Kristen has returned, John has blown Marlena off about her fears regarding Kristen. Acted like a jerk about it...and he wonders why Marlena hasn't told him about Bristen? It's because you won't support your wife or back her up, John. Instead you expect her to be nice to her kidnapper.

Yet somehow, though John has been the one who's acted like a jerk by not believing his wife, he somehow feels justified at being overtly pissed at her? After giving her no emotional support for the last 2 months?

Huh? What am I missing here? Shouldn't he be thanking her and apologizing profusely?

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