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Sammie Jo
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Dec 26 2012, 03:31 PM
I'm pretty sure after wrting that rant, MAB probably gave him a treat and a pat on the head; but besides that y'all do know it's been over two months since the new regime has taken over, and I expect it to slow going. And considering that you're in high-profile position such as JFP, you will have do things that people are not going to like especially being a bitch. You'll be a bitch too if you're dealing with all kinds of personalities and whatnot everyday. Don't really know much about her except what I read and I've never met her, but from what I'm seeing so far on Y&R, it's not all that bad. If anything, it's work in progress
ITA with you, it seems like some people want to see instant presto chang-o, it doesn't work that way, it's just like a diet, it took you years to pack the fat on, you're not going to lose it all in a few weeks.
I've been liking the majority of the changes, not thrilled they threw more than one new character at a time at us, but, that's no biggie.
I also like the directing and production.
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