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DIdn't Sharon apply for the face of Jabot job that is open? What a laugh. Why would they want some stringy headed bleached blonde in her 40's with her botoxed forehead and her alligator wrinkled neck for that job? I guess Cane will hire her because he is so unqualified as a CEO of anything and not even qualified for the mail room. He could have even put Lily in that position. Not that Lily is all that gorgeous but she sure is younger and doesn't have alll the wrinkles that the stringy bleached blonde has. I thought this was going to be the NEW Face of Jabot and not the Face of a old has been. Hell we know Victor will fire her. Can't say that I blame him.\

Sharon needs to take some hints from Avery and get some of those good cupcakes and cookie recipes and sit her old washed up ass down and start baking with her little girl Faith and devote a little time with her instead of applying for any job. EIther that or call Martha Stewart to fill in for her as her cook and Nanny.
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