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I'm glad someone is being brought on for a story with Hope but I'm uber curious as to who it is and what the story will be. Im not meaning to piss off Peter Reckell fans, he's been on my tv screen for years and I never disliked the guy, but here's what I think. If he wasn't comfortable with the deal he was given, or whatever reason he opted to leave, he could've agreed to go out with a bang. I'm no fly on the wall at Corday Productions, but I know PR decided to leave and Corday said they wouldnt kill the character off. However, wouldn't that have at least been a story? Hope dealing with the tragic loss of Bo Brady. Some may say that would be too soon after the death of Lexie....I had 7 family members die in the same year (2008) so it happens. It could've created story and beautiful scenes between Theo and Ciarra as they bond over their individual losses. To me, Peters send off was THE most lackluster of any vet ever. But I don't know if I blame the writers per se. Regardless, it'll be interesting to see where they take Hope from here.
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