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I am finally almost done with the series...I've got about seven episodes left to go in the final season and I must say that I find season 7 just as bad if not worse than season 6. Obviously, it could never be as good as seasons 2-4/5 without Sydney/Kimberly/Billy/Jake/etc. but the storylines are just ridiculously stupid. Kyle losing his mind over a lab mistake that has him sterile. He burns down the freaking house and Amanda rushes to give him the corrected lab document so that they can get back together?? Um, NO. Misunderstanding or not, get your shit together, man. I miss bitch Amanda...not a fan of victim Amanda that seems to run rampant towards the last years of the show.
I am also SO over the Michael/Jane drama. I'm intrigued by the Eve storyline and that seems to be picking up, so hopefully the final handful of episodes will be good!
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