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Jan 1 2013, 03:47 PM
Jan 1 2013, 03:46 PM
Can someone explain to me WHY TomSell has removed Marlena from Will's life? Especially since that relationship was beloved and popular? And Deidre and Chandler have outstanding chemistry? It makes ZERO sense. Marlena should be in the thick of things and having soul-searching conversations with Will.

I don't know WTF TomSell is doing. They are isolating Marlena from her childrens and grandchildren's lives. Marlena is a mother and grandmother. We should see her with Eric and Sami and Will and the other Grandkids. There's no reason to have Maggie have lots of touchy feeling scenes with Daniel and Jennifer, yet isolate Marlena from her family. We should be seeing her in warm and fuzzy scenes with her family, too.

Shame on TomSell for destroying the family bond.
I assume it's because it was something done under MarDar. The only thing of MarDar's they haven't undone is Daniel's maternity, and I bet Tomlin is just kicking himself for not thinking of it first.
Well that's petty and childish. Just because another writer created something good doesn't mean you have to demolish it. 90% of what MarDar did sucked, but the "Willena" bond was a rare gem. To deny the audience that relationship simply because you have issues with the previous headwriting team is mean-spirited. I'd much rather watch Marlena/Will than Kate/Will any day of the week.
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