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Jan 1 2013, 09:03 PM
I'm disappointed to learn that Marlena likely won't be in attendance. I can't agree that Whitesell and Tomlin have completely written Marlena out of Will's life, since they have shared a few notable scenes since Whitesell and Tomlin took over, but I do agree that it's not "enough".

Billie's presence at the wedding makes Marlena's absence even more glaring. I really hope that Marlena, Justin, and Adrienne are featured in the aftermath of the wedding revelations. Excluding them would be a huge mistake.

I hope that the presence of cops at the wedding is an indication that Gabi will be arrested for her role in Melanie's kidnapping. A cop is with Jennifer, Abby, and a mystery person (Gabi?) in one scene, so perhaps those viewers who have been wanting Gabi to be blamed for Jack's death will finally be getting their wish.

I'm also hoping that Nick's smug, manipulative, homophobic face gets pummeled again, but that should go without saying.

I can't wait to see how this all plays out, but I'm most excited about Will and Sonny's interactions in the aftermath. Regardless of what Whitesell and Tomlin might think, this is primarily Will and Sonny's story, IMO.
It is ridiculous that Marlena isn't present at the wedding, seeing as she is Will's grandmother and his other grandmother, Kate, is in attendance. And Billie? Really? It isn't like they needed actors to fill up the seats. Would it have really hurt them to add 4 or 5 more characters to the wedding scenes, even if they were just there and not involved in the whole fracus that is bound to ensue. I don't get the reasoning behind it, other than TomSell doesn't care for Jarlena.
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