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Holy crap!!!
Thank you, Kenny...that was so damn awesome! I had to go run to the TV and watch all of it! Wow!
For a second there, I felt a small smidge of what Days used to make me feel...I got nervous watching Kristen! And she's twirling her hair baiting John to freak! And when she laughed when John started shaking her?!?! Wow! The tears, the anger, the smug! And the psychotic manipulation with the guard, with Brady, with John!!! Holy shit!! So captivatingly fun!!
And the music...that weird cello thing fit the scene.

Brady and Marlena were fun too! Deidre seemed off in the acting department, but Brady was so earnest in his love for Kristen...and I can't help but feel bad for the dope.

EJ's bowtie was as big as his head! WTF!

AZ was on fire today...just so much life in her scenes...she was sassy and hilarious and had me cracking up in her scenes with EJ!! Man, if she would have been drunk, it would have been perfect!
Just excellent contrast with ED's psycho was AZ's faux drunk blast. AZ was ON!

And very very surprisingly, my favorite kiss was the Safe kiss. WTF! The way Rafe caught Sami with that kiss was classic romance. And I'll even give props to the Sween...AS looked nice in her dress and hair today...that doesn't happen too often!

I truly couldn't deal with Dannifer...couldn't watch it!

And then with Brady and Kristen toasting and John busting in! Scared the crap out of me! Didn't see that coming! Loved it!

So much a great show today!! Happy New Year, DAYS! Let this be many of the first to come!
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