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Fan of EJ+ABBY!

Probably not popular opinion.

I have been EJOLE fan.. it was great until the annoying Taylor showed up and Nicole went all "maybe I love him" and EJ went all "Sami is the love of my life despite shooting me". They (EJOLE) are great when they are written correctly as the sassy couple they can be. They are fun.. and I love that.

I have been EJAMI fan, .. oboy, they have sexual chemistry but when it becomes an everlasting triangle feud. It was super at the beginning but I don't think they attended to write EJAMI as a couple, hence some of the early plots (not going to mention them here). Then lucas/ejami came it was sort of entertaining.. and ej seemed to finally "get his girl".. however ENTER Rafe. Then it just went on and on .. going around in circles. Repeat and repeat and repeat and of course nothing to torn that white and shining armor of Rafes. EJ became a loser over and over again since he never could have the upper arm. He changed ... where is the sassy and smart EJ? I do love EJAMI but not on the expense of EJ. Sami MUST show some kind of "I love him" not because he is the father of her children. I think EJ must at this point reject Sami .. and simple move on for a while without this obsession.
In the meantime Sami can play happy couple with Rafe.. and eventually maybe Sami will realize she wants EJ and be the one that hunts for EJ and toss Rafe to the side for good. Sami is best as the hunter (like she was for years with Austin) and not the price. I think that is the only thing that can have me accept EJAMI again.

In the meantime.. please make EJ himself again. Evil.. funny.. charmful .. smart.. and throw in some good looking gals for him to charm. Abby maybe? Something that could involve characters in the show. With abby that would be a lot of people including Nicole and Sami.
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