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Jan 2 2013, 05:12 AM
Jan 1 2013, 08:40 PM
Chad lets the cat out of the bag in regard to the paternity. Rafe is upset that Will took Gabi to the abortion clinic and will see it of him not taking responsibility for the pregnancy. Rafe will take Nick / Gabi's side as he will feel that Nick is stepping up to the plate to take care of his sister. Sami will jump to Will's side to protect him from Nick and Rafe. The lines will drawn for a custody battle. This will tear Safe apart, and Sami will go to EJ for help.

Just my opinion, I guess we will see how everything plays out!
I think that sounds right, unfortunately in many ways. What annoys me is that this story will indeed be more fodder for Sami and EJ, when I am really more interested in how this is a Sonny/Will story, a Lucas/Sami/Will story, Will/Marlena and Gabi/Salem PD story, even a Nick/Hortons story. Even a Kate/Lucas/Sami/Will story could be interesting!! This is just the kind of thing Kate would chomp at the bit to meddle in, and I am sure it will bring back memories for her as well. And if you ask me this seems like a perfect opportunity for Lucas and Sami to grow closer or work together or look to each other for support. Heck - they could even start to draw up custody schemes themselves (they have experience). But, yeah, since a custody battle will likely ensue, and EJ is lawyer of anything and everything when it is most convenient, it will be alllll Sami and EJ. How utterly expected, banal and disappointing.
most likely just like austin was not involved at all with will coming out story and until we do know if he even knows will gay we just guess he problay know since carrie knows

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