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I do think Kate will be all up in Gabi and Nick's business regardless making sure her grandson Will does get to see his child for Kate is a woman you don't want to cross concerning her kids and her grandkids trying to keep a child away from one of her kids or grandkids who's the child's father so I'm just hoping Gabi and Nick do the right thing here and share custody with Will where the baby gets to spend time with both parents and both couples otherwise I can definately see Kate going after them both of them herself if Gabi or Nick didn't allow Will to see the baby.

I can see Kate keeping a very close eye on Gabi and Nick making sure that they follow threw on letting Wil see his son or daughter for Kate is very overly protective when it comes to her kids and grandkids and even great grandkids seeing that the right thing is done where Will would get to see the baby and she would make sure that Will would get to see his child too and get on Gabi and Nick's case more then anyone if they tried to keep the baby away from Will.

I can see Kate getting involved their too concerning her great grandson or great grandaughter as well making sure Will got to see the baby so I'm just hoping Nick and Gabi do the right thing here and share custody with Will where both Gabi and Will get to spend time with the baby for the baby needs both Will and Gabi.
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