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2012 wishlist

Give Dr. Dan an STD. It will be what killed Nicole's baby. She will hate him after that. Jenn has the STD as well. The hospital board finally censures Dr. Handy Dandy and he loses his rights to practice at the hospital. *STEALING IDEA FROM RFSEXTON*

Daniel and Jenn leave the show to die in peace. Nicole somehow isn't affected by the STD. (lol) Abby begs Jenn not to leave, but since she's obsessed with Daniel, she leaves anyways. Jenn returns in late 2013 after she redeemed herself. Turns out she didn't die and Daniel had a slow painful death (lmao)


Melanie returns to town after hearing about her dad's STD. She gets back together Chad and says bye to her dad. Gabi gets jealous, once again, and breaks up with Nick. Chad tells Gabi hell no. Gabi asks Nick out again, but he leaves Salem :D Will cheats on Sonny to be with Gabi. They end things the day she gives birth. After the baby is born, she moves in with Will/Sonny, after Sonny begged her too. Things are awkward.


Safe gets back together. Mean while, Abby begins working for EJ. Abby develops a HUGE crush on EJ and they make sex, but EJ is just doing it since Kristen suggested it to get Sami back. Kristen wakes sure Sami walks in on them. She does and gets in a bitchfight with Abby accusing her of doing what she did last year. Sami realizes that she's jealous because she still loves EJ. EJami gets back together, for A LONG TIME ENDING THE TRIANGLE. Rafe and Abby bond because their hearts are both broken.

Will finish more later.
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