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I can't believe I just watched an entire episode. All the way through. All the way. I know! I'm a little beside myself now. This Jarlena/Bristen thing is just so awesomely soapy... (it almost hurts my feelings that the previews spoil moving Jarlena out and Nicole/Eric in.) I think that stupid Brady is every bit as adorable as funny Brady. I am pleased.

I won't complain about Blechifer as long as they are doled out in tiny little doses like today. CD has terrible posture, it looked like that ridiculous scarf was weighting his neck down. I could have been behind a Chabigail pairing all along if they had gone the Romeo and Juliet route, but instead everyone approves so it is dullsville. It was jarring to go from such dynamic scenes with John and Kristen, and unintentionally hilarious scenes with Brady and Marlena to, um, monopoly with the old lady.

And I am sorry, but unintentional or not, Marlena was frigging hilarious in this episode. Primarily because of how seriously DH delivered such gems as: "She said that out loud?" and "Of course you are" to Eric explaining that he was on his way to deliver stuff to the men's shelter.

I didn't hate Sami and Rafe in this episode, or EJ and Sami. Even EJ being such a schmuck for Sami was acceptable all thanks to glorious Nicole Walker, who was as close to her old self as I've seen in months. EJ is being an idiot, having a special bottle of champagne tucked away at the cafe, so superior to the common vintage being enjoyed by the peasantry was such an utter douchebag move. How delicious for Nicole to make him look like such an ass, being so condescending and patronizing to her. I hope in today's ep they show EJ's face when he realizes that Nicole was sober the whole time.

I really hope all of this praise reaches the ears of the idiots in charge. This writer was so good on so many levels. It wasn't just good writing, it was actually entertaining to watch (mostly--could have done without the monopoly game, but I guess that even filler has it's place.) For the first time that I can remember, I went back to rewatch scenes-- a couple of times just to be sure that Marlena actually said what I thought she said.

So, I don't think I've ever watched an episode in hi-def before. Are the men's hair products always this distracting? I swear Eric looked like he had just walked through a cobweb.
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