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^ My face watching DAYS

Worst Show
Days of Our Lives


Oh, we should probably offer more of an explanation than that, shouldn't we?

We're still watching Days, if by "watching" you mean "dutifully DVRing and watching every episode without paying attention to a single moment because the show is so dull that it's literally impossible for your mind not to wander while it's on". Bo is gone. Hope has no Bo and is pathologically annoying. Nick is back and horrible. Daniel and Jennifer are painful to watch. EJ, Rafe, and Sami are stuck in a horrifying loop of repetion, with only increasingly poor writing differentiating their stories from those of years past. Not even Kristen's return has raised the interest a little and Kristen, quite frankly, owned Mallory during her earliest soap watching years, so the fact that even that fell flat is as scathing an indictment as we can come up with.


Simply put - who ever wrote this is BANG on....DAYS is by far the dullest and most boring soap on the air right now....the fact that they are choosing to simply "exist" is ridiculous...this show should be thanking their lucky stars they even have one more episode in the can to produce at this point. Total and utter directionless producers/writers are DOOMING this show!
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