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Sami was just as cheesy reaching out to touch Ej's face looking deeply in his eyes and telling him she would never forget this night while cords of 'I love you' music chimed in the background. Never forget this night? Is she going to file it next to that other memorable night when she shot him in the head, left him for dead and went back and had sex with Rafe? Ah such memories to store away. ;) Which one to pull out and reflect upon in the future? Considering as soon as she shut the door on Ej she was having a flashback of kissing the other schmuck I can guess which memory is more lasting.

Good try writers on trying to plug up all the holes in this relationship with magical disappearing Spackle but no cigar because it's still the biggest bunch of hooey in Salem. None of this is romance when it comes across so fake.
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