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Loved Will standing up to Nick but he needs to do it with more vigor. He is too timid - with just about everyone - and it's wearing thin. His demeanor when he ran into E.J. in HTS recently was similar to his demeanor when talking to Kate about Nick which was similar to what we saw during his interaction with Nick in this episode. I heard his words and completely supported him, but I wish the delivery had been a bit different. Even with Sonny he is lacking passion and never really relaxed. There is a reason for that, but I don't understand how Sonny isn't picking up on it more clearly. I know Will is under a lot of stress right now and he's fearful and confused, but there's no reason why he can't portray those feelings and continue to have varied interactions with people. No one has the same demeanor all the time. Hoping a more energetic Chandler/Will returns when the truth about the baby's paternity comes out.

I hope Brady and Kristen are way off-base in their view that John is behaving the way he is at least partly due to jealousy, but I have a feeling there might be something to it for the sake of an even spicier story. We'll see how it plays, but I expect better of John. I hope he's just angry at himself for being taken in by Kristen again and angry at Brady for being so willfully blind. As for the fight - Brady clearly started it and was in the wrong. He should have walked away. I'm glad he didn't because it makes for a more dramatic story for us, but I hope that on-screen he suffers some consequences for it.

Nicole helping Rafe out with Sami despite her distaste for Sami was very sweet. And as much as I like to see these two at war, I was kind of glad that Sami had a flicker of recognition that Nicole set her kiss with Rafe in motion. I'm glad this friendship has been maintained post-baby trauma and I hope it stays that way.
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